Feng Shui For Your Life

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Achieve Happiness & Success with an LA Feng Shui Practitioner, Irene Freitas.

As an experienced LA Feng Shui practitioner, I will help you achieve the life you desire. I’ve always known that I had innate spiritual abilities. In 2006, my life was transformed. I met John Hirano, the Director of Learning Light Foundation. He taught me to develop my natural talents. Then I joined an elite workshop by Feng Shui Master Nate Batoon and perfected my unique capabilities. Today, I use my advanced skills to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives through Feng Shui. I’ve helped hundreds of clients double their revenue, find meaningful relationships, improve their health and feel spiritually aligned. I can’t wait to help you, too.

My Passion for My Clients

I’ve always had the burning desire to help people and ensure they achieve the most positive life experience possible. As an LA Feng Shui practitioner and Reiki master, I feel so satisfied when my clients achieve their goals. Over the years, I’ve worked with corporate executives, business owners, health professionals and creative entrepreneurs. Their wealth and success have increased-but most importantly so has their happiness. Do you want more harmony, energy and joy? Discover how I will guide you to become your best self in all aspects of life: work, love and life.

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