American/California Financial Services – Tracey Peffer


American/California Financial Services, Inc. has been providing superior service and expertise since 1981. We are the oldest and most established mortgage company in the South Bay. Our brokerage firm offers both residential and commercial lending…from purchase to refinance to construction. Working with a wide range of lenders allows us to provide the optimum loan for our clients. Our loan program tracking system has over 50,000 loan combinations. This allows us to “shop” for a rate and term tailored to your financial needs.

Our computerized loan processing system can generate an approval in minutes! We can work in your home, business, over the Internet or in our office…you decide. Also, with American/California Financial you never need to fill out an application as we maintain your data indefinitely for your future needs. We also offer a special Mortgage Manager service for those considering refinancing their mortgage.

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