Tieko Nejon

Tieko Nejon

Brand Strategist and Founder of Tieko Nejon (TN)

Tieko Nejon Wilson, a former algebra teacher, is the founder of Tieko Nejon (TN), a boutique Brand Strategy Firm. TN partners with small business startups, start overs, and corporations to build a Brand that communicates their unique Brand story to their ideal consumer. Tieko believes she was born an entrepreneur even though her upbringing did not hint at this as even the slightest possibility. She grew up in a neighborhood laden with gun-violence, drugs, and single family homes–her home being one of them. Her mother was a single mother and her estranged father was a drug addict.

She knew the odds were clearly stacked against her but she also knew that she had the choice to rewrite her story and shift it’s narrative. Tieko graduated with a BA in Sociology, a minor in Small Business Entrepreneurship and an MA in Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills University. She is a wife and a mother of two; her proudest accomplishments to date!

Learn more about Tieko here: www.tiekonejon.com

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