Taylor Lungren & Jessica Lewis Edler

Taylor Lungren & Jessica Lewis Edler

Designers of Chloe Oliver

Chloe Oliver began as a fleeting thought of whimsy between designers Taylor Lungren and Jessica Lewis Edler. With the support and encouragement of loved ones, she quickly became a tangible reality.

Jessica & Taylor both hail from the land of the “Midwest”. Having met in Los Angeles during their twenty somethings, the girls are continuously surprised at their mutual understanding of life, love, and the pursuit of fashion. Together, they have turned their separate childhood dreams of “fashion designer” into a realized way of life. In the “Land of Jess and Tay”, the cliché idioms of “everything turns out just the way it’s supposed to” and “dreams really do come true” are not uncommon ideas and have more so become words to live by.

While the brand Chloe Oliver dances between the lines of “ever on trend” and “a timeless statement”, the girl Chloe Oliver dances between the fragments of Jessica & Taylor’s imaginations. She is ever evolving, but always true to her roots. She invokes a curated appreciation for vintage, a hereditary understanding of the classics, and an incessant pursuit to push all boundaries. Chloe Oliver as a brand seeks to provide women with go-to statement pieces that are as wearable as they are irreplaceable. In the Chloe Oliver closet you will find something for the girl next door, something for the vixen, and everything for the girl with a refrigerator stocked only with champagne.

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