Kim O’Hara

Kim O’Hara

Intuitive Book Coach

Intuitive Book Coach Kim O’Hara is “a movement maker, witness and guide.” Her clients bring their voices to words. Through the power of writing a book, they discover their passion, mission and purpose.

Two decades as a movie producer and screenwriter in Hollywood taught her the art of story development, empathy through storytelling, and collaboration. Her movies have starred notable actors, and screened all over the world. She has trained as a writer at Stanford Writers Lab, San Jose State English Department and UCLA Advanced Screenwriter’s Lab.

Kim has been a featured panelist and speaker at a number of events as well as guest for a number of podcasts. She is also author of the memoir, Kicking Abuse in the Ass (Waterside Press).
Kim lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two beautiful daughters, one cat and a sense of humor.

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Write Your Book: Unleash A Movement, Mission & Quest When we tap into the culmination of our total life experiences in the process of writing a book, we find power behind our beliefs and they are translated into movements and missions that we bring out into the world. This session will provide inspiration and tools […]

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