Kim O’Hara

Kim O’Hara

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Follow Your Intuition to Tell Your Story


As an Intuitive Book Coach, Kim partners with authors through the writing of their memoirs and self-help books. While supporting her clients’ dreams of a finished manuscript, she guides their healing through writing. Her authors’ past stories transform into bold new lives. Kim spent two decades as a movie producer and screenwriter in Hollywood. Her movies starred notable actors, and screened all over the world. She trained as a writer at Stanford Writers Lab, San Jose State English Department and UCLA Advanced Screenwriter’s Lab. She explored acting at the IO West Improv Intensive, but was almost kicked out for “writing everyone’s parts in her head.” Kim’s memoir, Kicking Abuse In The Ass (A Brutally Honest Memoir), will be published by Waterside Press March 2018. She unfurls the denial of sexual abuse that held her hostage for her whole life, and with an open heart, provides the writing prompts she used to heal.

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Elevate TalksTM will debut at our 2018 South Bay Women’s Conference. Six women will each present a 5-minute talk with 20 rapid-fire slides and only a few seconds per slide to keep things moving. The goal is for the presentation to end with an impactful Call-To-Action to inspire us to take action to elevate another […]