Keirsten Quest

Keirsten Quest

Business Expansion Strategist at Max Potentials

Keirsten Quest, Psy.D. is a Business Expansion Strategist. Her mission is to help a Million Mom’s to a Million Dollars to allow for women to achieve greater sense of fulfillment as well as power to make positive changes in the world. She has supported thousands of leaders in moving their organizations to the next level and developing their own leadership capacity. Dr. Quest has over 15 years of experience with both small and large organizations, and brings that expertise to her clients as a seasoned consultant.

Her expertise is in quickly understanding core business challenges and facilitating the implementation of solutions that maximize results and align with business goals and vision. Dr. Quest committed her doctoral research to better understand just what it takes for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She is a dynamic speaker and is passionate about women’s success.

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