Kari Doody

Kari Doody

Founder of the Courteous & Cool Etiquette School

Kari Doody, Founder of the Courteous & Cool Etiquette School is a native Californian who recognized the power of great social skills at a very early age. Growing up in Beverly Hills provided many opportunities to meet people from all of the world and attend some incredible social gatherings. Kari gives credit to her parents who taught her at a very early age the importance of social etiquette. “My father was a very successful businessman in the advertising business who had a magic way of working with people. I always admired the way he was able to connect with people and create life long business relationships with them. I knew he was on to something and that was having great social skills.”

After graduating from the University of Southern, it didn’t take long for Kari to find her passion in the publishing and advertising world. She worked as a media representative for magazines such as Los Angeles magazine, Elle Decor, Home, Metropolitan Home, ELLE and Entertainment weekly. Working for these major corporations she saw first hand the importance of social skills and business etiquette for anyone and in any field.

“Having great social skills is not difficult, its about feeling confident with yourself and knowing how to make other feel comfortable around you whether you are at a soccer game or in a business meeting.” She is certified in children’s and adult social etiquette. Courses offered at C & C teach practical and contemporary skills that give people the edge to succeed in school and in life. Courteous & Cool has become the credible go-to resource in the Los Angeles area for many years. Whether you are looking to polish yourself to build confidence or to increase your professional success, you can be assured that C & C has the poise, social graces, and business etiquette knowledge to help you outclass the competition. We invite you to call us today. We will partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

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