Julie Wolf

Julie Wolf

Hairstylist and Salon Studio Owner

Julie Wolf is a hairstylist and salon studio owner in Hermosa Beach, CA. Her career starts in the South Bay at the Southern California Regional Occupational Center at age 17 but her passion for doing hair has been life-long. She considers herself a color specialist. She is specifically focused in balayage, a hand-painted highlighting technique that creates a natural effect.

Beyond beautiful color, her true passion lies in giving women an avenue to show up authentically in life. Her mission is to help women discover the most empowered version of themselves. She uses her work and her small platform to spread a message of self-acceptance. She helps women break out of stereotypes about age, race, and gender.

Authenticity is a recurring theme in her business. She hopes that the transparency that she brings to her work, leaves an open space for clients to be transparent with themselves as well.  See Julie’s work on Instagram.

Learn more at HairbyMsWolf.com