Breakout Session – Who Am I Hiring?

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With nearly 30 years of domestic and global, multi-industry and multi-function experience, Laurel speaks the language of organizations. She uses her specialized expertise in risk management, consulting and human resources to guide individual clients through a customized process to address the challenges they are facing while building their teams.

In starting her own business, Laurel recognized the frustration and confusion happening when small business owners were starting to hire teams. All of a sudden, the focus moved from their business “zone of genius” to the unknown of human resources management. I wanted to alleviate the pain and frustration of these small business owners – especially women in business. To help them minimize the risk of costly fines and penalties by learning to “LEAD with their HEART, but ACT with their HEAD.”

During Laurel’s presentation, you learn:

– How to translate your business strategy into a hiring strategy
– Know the key differences between hiring an employee, a service, and an independent contractor
– Some key “watch outs” when hiring independent contractors

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