Heather Pich

 Vendor/Exhibitor Chair


Heather is currently the Owner/CEO for Modadia.com (Meaning Fashion day in Italian and Spanish) a new Social selling company launching in 2019 in the EFR Accessories industry (Earth Friendly Recycled) for Eco conscious USA & Italian handcrafted jewelry lines and Cruelty free Gorgeous Vegan Handbags. Modadia is a private boutiquing company that will also be offering a fabulous opportunity for those interested in owning their own Private boutique with 4 ways to sell and earn commission’s, bonus’s, trips and share the opportunity with others. Set up in 4 easy clicks! No experience necessary. Modadia will have new platforms for their online boutiques that are not being offered by other Social selling Companies. Bringing more unique ways to be involved in having their own business. Launching Summer 2019. Check out Modadia.com and sign up for pre-launch information.

Heather also has been a Sales Trainer/Mentor/Consult Coach specializing in training all types of professionals in Sales techniques to master Generating unlimited Leads, Setting endless appointments, pushing past obstacles with confidence, understanding your mindset and approach to Sales, how to follow up and follow through to take the appropriate action steps to get the results that you want. She will be bringing this expertise to train and guide her new Private boutiquer’s in Modadia. You can learn more at www.modadia.com and follow her on instagram at modadiastyle.

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