Debra Lauzon

Committee Coordinator


Debra Lauzon has been practicing law for over 31 years as an employment rights attorney, helping employees fight for equality in the workplace, and teaching employers how to comply with the applicable laws.

In November 2016, preparing for an early retirement, and looking for a different way to help people, she became an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and began her own global, digital health and wellness business. Arbonne’s products are botanically based; pure, safe and beneficial.

Debra has always been passionate about empowering women to be their own boss, build their businesses, and take care of themselves. She is excited to help others get healthy, feel better, have more energy, sleep better, look younger and reboot their body. She also loves showing others how to build their own asset income business. Her retirement will be bolstered with the residual income she is building with Arbonne.

Debra loves her new business and new way of helping others. She’s always looking for energetic, self-motivated, ready to go to the top and work hard, positive minded people to join her team!!

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