Cynthia Olkie

Day of Committee, Photographer


Cynthia started in Motion Pictures as a post-production supervisor for many television and film projects. She oversaw and ensured that the thousands of frames captured on celluloid were properly realized through the editorial process. However, she has never known any picture to be more moving than a still photograph.

At 15 years old she got her first camera and has not taken her finger off of the shutter since. Pointing her lens at any and everything. PEOPLE. PLACES. EVENTS. EMOTIONS. SHARED MOMENTS, BOTH MAJESTIC AND INTIMATE.

Cynthia enjoys capturing legacies through family & children portraiture, weddings and headshots. She is the historian for our organization which includes capturing images at the mixers, dinners and conference.

Cynthia also currently serves as Historian of the South Bay Business Women’s Association.

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